Tropically-inspired, this modern design offers a serene connection with nature. The narrow width of the site meant that maximising outlooks to enhance the sense of space of the home as well as maximising the functionality and storage for a young family. The end result feeling much more expansive than what may originally be perceived. The design modernises this pitching roof form by using a low pitch and incorporating a sweeping wide gutter line emphasising the sweeping eaves detracting from the pitching roof.

Window frames, roofing, front door and other metal elements are in a warm dark colour to create mood and a point of difference on the street, this is combined with a timber panelled box framing the top level. The external palette is warm, moody, yet refined. A mix of natural materials and luscious greenery creates a tropical aesthetic and is carried through to the interior. The kitchen sits in the heart of this home and the room lines are blurred between kitchen, dining, living and transition spaces.

Winner  //  Perth New Bathroom $25,001 – $35,000