The powerful benefits of building a custom home

Your home should be your happy place. A peaceful, welcoming space that nurtures togetherness and fosters memory-making. That breathes and bends with the hum of your everyday life.

A space that is uniquely yours.

So, when it comes to that most exciting, and monumental, of decisions – buying a new home – is it better to build a custom home, or buy an existing one? Which option will afford you the home, and lifestyle, of your dreams?

Bring your wish list

The biggest advantage of designing and building a custom home is the ability to tailor it exactly to your family’s own wish list. While existing homes may be move-in ready, rarely can they tick all the boxes, leading many families to settle for less than perfect. On the contrary, during the custom planning and design process, Weststyle work closely with you on a holistic and bespoke design, that makes sure to respond to your specific needs and wants. View our designs for inspiration. 

The little details of your home

It’s the little details that make a house a home. The larger-than-most laundry for a busy, growing family. The cleverly concealed butler’s pantry for a couple who loves to entertain, or the generous open-plan design that effortlessly blends inside and out. The details of your home form the fabric of your everyday, and a custom build will allow you to choose the design, appliances, fittings and finishes that will work harmoniously with your lifestyle.

Greener living

Building a custom home means you can take advantage of environmental factors to help manage the temperature and improve energy efficiency. Known as ‘passive design’, homes that are designed and constructed this way maintain a consistent internal temperature, regardless of the season. This results in a more environmentally friendly home, a greener lifestyle and future cost-savings.

Unique Block

If you have recently purchased a unique block of land the best way to complement it can be with a custom build that would suit. Be it a sloping block where you would like to locate an undercroft, garage or cellar making effective use of retaining required; or a narrow block where standard floor plans won’t suit, to a piece of land with angled boundaries where only a uniquely created floor plan would be able to effectively deal with the constraints at hand. When you have a custom plan, you built it your way.

Superior quality

Quality is everything. Long after you’ve moved in, a custom build affords you the peace of mind of knowing your home will stand the test of time. The care and consideration taken to ensure your home is of the highest quality and standards from the ground up, is something you can’t ever guarantee with an existing home.

Weststyle is one of the leading home builders in Western Australia providing a wide range of custom and luxury home designs. Schedule an appointment with our award winning team today.