The Evolution of Outdoor Living

While lot sizes have shrunk over time, and backyards with them, our love of outdoor connection has remained, inspiring architects and builders to be creative with their design.

An outside zone isn’t just the alfresco anymore, they have evolved to include the pool, pool deck, garden or outdoor lounge area. They have become an extension of the internal kitchen/living/dining spaces. Typically, well sheltered either with a motorised vergola, roof or pergola, the outdoor room is equipped with all the integrated features of internal living space.

Good outdoor spaces operate on the design principles of orientation, light, ventilation and usability. If you can achieve those in unison then the space will work. Our lifestyle is influenced by our climate and for many of our clients, the requirement for an outdoor entertaining space is an integral part of their brief. This space is typically visually connected to both the garden and pool, which not only creates an appealing outlook but also allows parents to passively watch over their children.

The requirement for an outdoor entertaining space is an important part of the modern client brief. The location of this space is essential to creating the perfect spot to entertain friends and family, extending the open plan concept to the outdoor space so it is accessible and circulation flows. Other features such as an outdoor kitchen, integrated audio and visual, size and mood lighting are all good ways to enhance the outdoor entertaining space.

For smaller lot homes, dividing the space up can be advantageous. Typically, smaller lots will have higher density codes, which allows the home to be built up on both boundaries. Rather than having a dedicated backyard, dividing this space into multiple green spaces and inserting these into the floor plan in different locations will break up the mass and create a more open feel to the home, allowing in more natural light and ventilation through the considered placement of openings.

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