New Year, New Trends – a focus on Interior Design

2021 is well underway; our expert Interior Designer Courtney Doyle discusses trends and predictions for the coming year.


A major focus of the design future, as in lots of other industries, is sustainability. Although sustainability has increasingly become more important in recent years, I think that there will be an even greater focus in this area as we move through 2021. Fast furnishings are starting to lose their appeal, as more people become aware of the ecological implications of their design decisions.

Our clients are opting to choose timeless, high quality furnishings, with greater emphasis on locally sourced materials. Whilst the appreciation for European design remains, we have seen a shift in focus towards locally sourced and made furniture pieces as well as bespoke built-in furniture through the architectural and interior design process.

Working from home

As working from home is the new normal for many people, home offices will be designed with more seclusion and focus in mind. Private enough to function as an efficient home office yet connected to the home to facilitate a versatile family office and study space.

Outdoor living

We will see a greater focus on outdoor living as result of the pandemic, with a focus in how we can create luxurious spaces to act as a retreat from everyday living or the outside world. We have embraced home entertaining much more and I believe this will continue. I also believe that there will be a greater focus on the use of natural and organic materials to bring a sense of warmth and comfort into homes and strengthen the connection between home and nature.

Colour palettes

Clients are opting for bold, impactful colour palettes where we are mixing timber features with deep, rich cabinetry finishes and a variety of mixed metals to create serene space grounded in nature. We are also using a mix of textural finishes where ultra matt, smooth finishes are contrasted against textured timber cabinetry finishes. Architectural spaces embracing natural light with large scale windows and skylights allow these moody palettes to be successful and maintain a feeling of light and space within a home.


To those who are about to embark on the home building process, or for those thinking about redecorating their existing home, the most important part of designing a home is knowing how you live and what makes you happy. There is so much design inspiration out there with Pinterest, Instagram, Design blogs, TV etc that it is easy to get wrapped up in what’s trendy and what everyone else is doing. But you need to find a look that you love and translate it into how your family lives day to day. This is where a professional interior designer can be the best investment, to make sure that your dream becomes a reality, practically and aesthetically.

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