How to Choose a Design Theme For Your Home

Whether you love the exposed brick of an industrial warehouse facade, the airy palette of coastal Hamptons interiors or the minimalism of Japandi style, how do you pick a design theme and stick to it? Our clients will come to us with a general theme in mind and this would typically be to blend with the streetscape or suburb if there is a particular style or design guidelines in place. In which case we would design the facade and floor plan to suit and work with our in-house interior designer to translate this throughout the interior of the home.

Other clients may wish to stand out and create a point of difference in the street and we will work together to create a contemporary or unique home to allow their personality to shine through. From the initial briefing with our client a particular feel or style will emerge and we will guide them to ensure the home tells one story internally and externally.

It’s important to put a palette together of 3 or 4 colours and textures and to repeat this throughout the home so that the home tells one story throughout. When it comes to feature items these need to be selected and designed carefully so they are not competing with each other and so that the right element is highlighted. Don’t be afraid of white space to help encourage those features to shine.

At Weststyle we don’t tend to design to particular trends but we listen to who our clients are, what they want from their home and work together to create something classic yet contemporary that emulates their personality. We take elements of different movements, such as mid-century or art deco, and combine these to create a contemporary home with a nod to different styles. This allows our clients to really personalise their home and stand apart from others.

We are a team, we work together holistically from start to finish. Some people may have experienced being passed from sales person, to designer, to builder and this can create cracks in the final result. Our architect, interior designer, building designer, supervisor etc all work together from concept to completion to ensure that the vision is brought to life the way it was intended.

Unsure of where to start? The best thing to do is scroll through design sites like Pinterest and Instagram and develop a gallery of inspiration. It is then essential that you team up with someone you trust and allow your designer to guide you towards bringing your home to fruition.

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