Five Key Qualities to Look for in a Home Builder

Building a new home is a significant investment, and your choice of custom home builders will dictate the quality and longevity of the overall results. Ensure that you make the most of your investment by being extra critical when deciding on a company to handle your project. Weststyle recommends looking for these key qualities in finding a home builder:


1. All-in-One Services

No one likes having to shop at multiple stores when looking for ingredients for one project. After all, finding the right solutions in one store can help you save up on time, money and effort. The same goes for custom design homes. Having to deal with just one provider for the entire project means communication will be more efficient and it will be easier to get problems resolved since only one company is responsible. At Weststyle, we have an in-house design team that will guide you through the project from start to finish. Our highly-skilled team of architects, project managers and interior designers will handle all aspects of your project, from planning and conception to finishing. We have an in-house Estimator at hand that provides costing and feasibility feedback through concept and design development stages as well as constant feedback from the construction team regarding quality detailing for longevity, not just a quick impression.


2. Flexibility With Ideas

One of the best things about building a custom home is that you can customise it to your taste. When selecting from potential companies, ask them how flexible they can be when working with your ideas. It’s important to choose a builder that not only has experience working closely with home buyers but also those that are willing to incorporate your ideas into their plans. Selecting a builder that offers completely custom homes as a part of their business, like Weststyle, means you can get what you want without any issues. We also have experience in building homes in a variety of locations that present their own requirements and challenges such as narrow lot designs, basements, sloping sites, timber or steel framed homes and so on.


3.Trusted Reputation

In today’s internet age, it’s easy to separate good companies from the bad ones with a few simple clicks. Builders often have client reviews or testimonials up on their page as a reference for potential clients. Be sure you work with a client that has had a long and positive track record to ensure the success of your project. For instance, Weststyle has over 50 years of experience building custom luxury home designs in WAand an impeccable reputation among our peers, suppliers and clients.


4. Commitment to Customer Service

Regardless of the builder you choose, you will be working with them for a long time. To ensure a smooth process from the design stage to the construction, it’s important to find a builder that’s dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. You can get an idea of how they treat their customers by how prompt and professional they are during your initial search and how they address questions and problems during the preliminary stage of your search. At Weststyle, our in-house Architect and Interior Designer remain at hand through the entire project ensuring continuity of design intention to ensure translation in construction is not lost in the process. We program out the build schedule from commencement until completion to ensure hand over remains on target.


5. Ease of Communication

To ensure that your vision is well translated into the finished structure, it is important that good communication is established between you and your builder. Choose a mode of communication that works well for both of you, be it phone calls, emails or weekly meetings, to give you time to get caught up with each other as the project progresses. By doing so, you ensure that both of you are on the same page throughout the duration of the project.

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