Blurred Lines // The New Open Plan

The design of a home, from the external façade to the flow of the interiors, immeasurably shapes the lives of its inhabitants. This is particularly true of the family kitchen, a place where people come together and an area of the home that requires significant consideration as a result.

With the popularity of open plan living still on the rise (and rightly so), we are examining new and innovative ways to customise kitchens to enhance the lives of our clients. Many of our newer projects include a range of integrated cabinetry, enabling us to blur the lines between living spaces and reimagine the structure of the traditional kitchen.

At our recently completed Wembley Residence, many of the appliances such as ovens and fridges are disguised using custom cabinetry and high quality bi-folding and pocketing door systems. By deploying a warm, luxurious colour palette across cabinets and window dressings, we create a seamless space that invites the outside in.

Sculleries for Effortless Entertaining

Sculleries are becoming an increasingly popular addition to new homes and a trend we are embracing in our designs. Providing our clients with an inconspicuous space to house unsightly appliances and mess, the scullery allows the kitchen to shine as an area to entertain effortlessly. A great example is our recently completed Mindarie Residence, which features a generous, practical scullery with plenty of bench space, a large sink and draining area (to soak those dishes!) and a number of useful appliances. We also love incorporating an appliance nook for toast and tea, a family noticeboard or an area to store letters and bills.