Broome Home Design

Modern Home Design in Broome Residence

This modern, minimalistic home bathes in natural light with tall voids, curved walls and sculptured ceilings. Our award winning kitchen capitalises on the minimal fuss-free aesthetic, with the deletion of overhead cabinetry allowing the sweeping curved ceilings to have impact. Bold, contrasting colours and textures create contrast and help to anchor the space. Situated along the coast, the front facade boasts perforated mesh screens that help to protect the home from harsh sunlight, whilst also acting as a privacy protector for our clients. This innovative material choice not only adds visual interest, but also an abundance of ventilation to the upper living space due to operable centralised screens. A large 2 metre glass panel sitting within the upper floor slab connects the two floors by providing visibility from the upper courtyard to the floor below, again alluding to indoor-outdoor connections.

  • 2019 HIA Kitchen & Bathroom Awards

    Kitchen of the Year